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Bloom Guardian

Angel Gonzalez

Angel isn't just about checking boxes. He is a meticulous flower connoisseur with a passion for maintaining the highest quality standards. His keen eye inspects incoming flowers, meticulously evaluating freshness, color, and overall health. Only blooms that meet our rigorous criteria earn the Bloom Guardian's seal of approval.

Petal Pathway Coordinator

Celia Esperon

Meet our Petal Pathway Coordinator, Celia Esperon is a detail-oriented individual with a passion for flowers and ensuring smooth operations. For over 3 years, our dedicated Petal Pathway Coordinator ensures every bloom travels smoothly from farm to fan!

Bloom Buyer

Linda Castaneda Bustos

Meet our Bloom Buyer, Linda has a passion for flowers. With over 26 years experience, Linda is more than a buyer but a flower connoisseur with a keen eye for quality and an expert understanding of flower varieties. She works tirelessly to develop and nurture relationships with flower growers and suppliers worldwide, ensuring a constant stream of the freshest, most stunning blooms for our customers.

Bloom Buyer

Magaly Ojeda

Meet our Bloom Buyer, Magaly has a strong understanding of flower varieties. For over 14 years, Magaly uses her analytical skills to forecast flower demands, monitor inventory levels, and place timely orders – all to ensure we have the perfect blooms on hand to create magical floral experiences for our customers.

Our Blossom Managers.

Meet our Bloom Boss, the heart and soul of our operation. Nathalia helps our company blossom with her flower knowledge, business whiz, and helps create the floral magic on a daily basis. For over 25 years, Nathalia has bloomed her floral experience.

Nathalia Suarez

Bloom Boss

At Bella Blossom, we believe in the power of flowers to bring joy, and that delivering that joy requires a talented team behind the scenes. Enter Arian Cruz, our resident Floral Workflow Maestro who orchestrates the beautiful symphony of our floral operations!

Arian Cruz

Floral Workflow Maestro

Meet our Petal Profit Pro, our detail-oriented financial whiz. He is the Yoda of Bella Blossom, wise and experienced beyond measure.  His unique blend of financial savvy and floral enthusiasm makes him an invaluable member of our team.

Mauricio Suarez

Petal Profit Pro

Our Blossom Sales.

Meet our Floral Matchmaker, she will find the perfect flowers for all your floral needs. With over 15 years of floral experience, Mery is a flower expert and will guide you through your purchases. 

Mery Rivera

Floral Matchmaker

Meet our Floral Matchmaker, Betty will help you find the perfect flower for your needs. With over 39 years experience, Betty is our floral guru with an extensive understanding of all floral products.

Betty Santos

Floral Matchmaker

Meet our Floral Matchmaker, Tatiana has a passion for flowers . With 2 years of experience, Tatiana plays a key role in creating happiness and connecting to people through flowers. 

Tatiana Wong

Floral Matchmaker

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